Facebook Changes Name to Meta

On Thursday, at Facebook’s annual developer-focused Connect conference, keynote speaker and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the stage—a virtual home—to announce the company’s latest update, along with a name change reflecting its new ambitions.

The new name: Meta.

But what about the Facebook name, originally derived from its first iteration, FaceMash, in …

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Gas Build Up in Reactor Near Hong Kong Sparks Concern

The French utility that partly owns a nuclear power plant near Hong Kong is seeking more information on a gas buildup in a reactor, even as its Chinese partner insists the facility is operating safely.

Electricite de France SA, which has a 30% stake in the Taishan nuclear plant in South China, has called for an extraordinary board meeting with majority owner China General Nuclear Power Co…

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Meta Says UK Bill Risks Messages Being Surveilled, Censored

Meta Platforms Inc. said UK online safety legislation “risks people’s private messages being constantly surveilled and censored” unless it’s changed, adding to a long list of complaints recently lodged against the proposed law.

The sweeping Online Safety Bill is winding its way through Parliament and it’s intended to come into force next year. The government …

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In Some Workplaces, It’s Now OK Not to Be OK

Good mental health seemed like a given to Kamini Cormier. Then, came the pandemic. Back in 2020, when she was forced to isolate herself at home with her husband and adolescent daughters, she started feeling aches and pains all over her body. She figured she’d probably caught COVID-19 and scheduled lab tests, and an online appointment with her doctor. But the results didn’t indicate …

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Remote Work is Now a Status Symbol

Remote workers used to be second-class citizens; they were less likely to get raises and promotions, and more likely to face discrimination and stigma due to the circumstances keeping them at home. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic upended this traditional office hierarchy—equalizing the workplace playing field by keeping most of us at home.

Now that offices are reopening, remote…

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Strategies to Get Through the Rest of the Year Without Burning Out

What a time to be managing a team.

On a macro level, being a manager is a more complicated role than it used to be: Employees increasingly approach their bosses with more personal and professional issues than before the pandemic, according to 59% of managers in a recent Prudential survey. They also say they want more guidance and training from their companies on how to handle ever-changin…

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The COP28 Outcomes Business Leaders Are Watching For

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The U.N. climate conference known as COP28 officially kicked off this afternoon in Dubai with more corporate executives and big players in the financial sector present than in any such meeting before. Much of their attention on the ground will focus on the private sector announcements …

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Twitter’s Surge in Harmful Content Keeps Advertiser Away

Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition, and the series of content policy changes that ensued, has led to a dramatic spike in hateful, violent and inaccurate posts on the platform, according to researchers. That’s now the top challenge for Twitter’s new Chief Executive Officer Linda Yaccarino, who has to address advertisers’ concerns about the trend in order to boost revenue and…

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World’s Best Companies of 2023

World's Best Companies of 2023

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How Breaking Up Big Tech Could Save Global Democracy, According to Proton Founder Andy Yen

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Andy Yen is the founder and CEO of Proton, the company behind the encrypted email service ProtonMail and a suite of other privacy-focused products that are threatening …

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