The Relatable Reason Jamie Lee Curtis Left the 2024 Oscars Ceremony Mid-Show

Why Jamie Lee Curtis Left the 2024 Oscars Early

Jamie Lee Curtis deserves an award for being the ultimate relatable queen.

In fact, the Oscar winner revealed that—after co-presenting the trophy for Best Supporting actress during the March 10 ceremony at Hollywood's Dolby Theatre—she actually swiftly dipped out of the telecast mid-show. As for what prompted the …

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New Lemonade Dipped Cones Arrive At Wienerschnitzel And Hamburger Stand

The Lemonade Dipped Cone features a vanilla Tastee Freez soft serve cone dipped in a lemonade flavor coating that hardens into a crunchy outer shell.

You can find the Lemonade Dipped Cone at participating Wienerschnitzel and Hamburger Stand locations for a limited time.

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