Is Hurricane Harvey Related to Climate Change-

As Hurricane Harvey approaches Texas, an old argument has again resurfaced about whether climate change is to blame.

In the past, scientists have had a rather unsatisfying answer for both environmentalists and skeptics, essentially saying that while climate change increases the frequency and severity of extreme weather, no individual event could be attributed to it.

But that may be …

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Walmart makes offer to buy out rest of S.African retailer Massmart

Shares in Massmart surged 46% after the company announced the news on Monday, as its Chairman Kuseni Dlamini said the offer seems “fair and reasonable.”The world’s biggest retailer had acquired a 51% stake in Massmart in 2010 for $2.3 billion, an investment that was seen as an outlay to use South Africa as a base to grab a share of the so-called ‘Africa growth story.’

But it has struggled…

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